Snuggle Buddies Temporay tattoo pack

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Find all the Snuggle Buddies characters, those cute and colorful little stuffed animals that your kids love.

1 large pouch of 25 temporary "Snuggle Buddies" tattoos.

Snuggle Buddies

Literally, snuggle buddies are the buddies to snuggle against!

They are the stuffed animals to whom the little ones tell their day, their fears and their sorrows.

Find these too cute and colorful stuffed animals in tattoos: the monkey, the panda but also the dog and even the octopus.

In all, there are 25 tattoos perfectly suited to the little ones.

Children tattoos

Children love to wear tattoos of their favorite heroes, princesses or characters.

For the little ones we have a choice of designs:

known characters like Dora, the Care Bears...

animals like snuggle buddies or furry friends.