Very big lion and tiger temporary tattoo 48cm

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This very large monochrome tattoo depicts a roaring lion and tiger and a lone walker in a desolate landscape of dead trees and crows. The animals are very realistic and thanks to their large size, you can see all the neat details.

1 large tattoo ferocious beasts 48 * 17 cm.

Tattoo full arm

It is called sleeve tattoo, cuff tattoo or full arm tattoo and it meets a great success!

It is a very big tattoo that covers the whole arm or the whole leg. It will be a motif that you want to show and that you appreciate greatly.

Sleeve or full arm tattoos are often monochrome but not necessarily and some are full of bright colors!

A very big tattoo allows to have a drawing of a whole universe and to leave nothing to chance. The details are precise and neat and all the symbols you want can be found there.

We offer many large and very large tattoos for arms, legs and back and in all styles. Come and discover our "Full Arm" section.

Lion and tiger tattoo

Very powerful and charismatic animal, the lion has nothing to envy to the tiger. It materializes royalty, self-confidence and loyalty. Something very strong that puts him on the same level as his Asian cousin. Throughout history it was and still is a great symbol of aristocracy. It is therefore not surprising that these two big cats are sometimes gathered in the same tattoo. Between them, they evoke a great strength and a devastating aura out of the ordinary.

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