Winged tiger temporary tattoo 8cm

Winged tiger temporary tattoo 8cm

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This tiger is a mutant creature like a chimera (composite fantasy creature), with its dragon wings and mane. This monster symbolizes our dreams, our fantasies and our impossible utopias. It fiercely watches over the yin yang because it is also one of the guardians of paradise (spiritual).

Tiger tattoo

Dimension of the temporary tattoo decal: 8.3 cm x 4.2 cm. It is part of the series guardians of paradise tattoos which contains 10.

Tattoo to be cut and applied with a little water and to be removed with baby oil. The tattoos hold minimum 24 hours on the skin without deterioration. They can hold much longer if the PH of the skin is rather neutral. They are realistic and matte. The inks used are made from vegetable components. FD&C approved ingredients.