Petit tattoo temporaire représentant un loup en pleine course

The wolf run black temporary tattoo 5cm

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This wolf silhouette can be worn on the wrist, neck or ankle. It is represented in black, running but it is very recognizable. A nice tattoo as well feminine as masculine and which seduce as much for its aestheticism as for its symbolism.

1 temporary tattoo wolf 5 * 3.8 cm.

Wolf tattoo

The wolf is an animal which inspires respect, powerful, wild but faithful to its pack. It is the ancestor of the domestic dog which possesses a great symbolic load which represents the courage in many cultures.

The wolf symbolizes loyalty and family love (these animals move in packs and protect each other) and is an excellent image to represent love towards our loved ones.

The wolf stays in a pack but is also a solitary animal and will show all his perseverance and independence until he eventually joins a new pack. These qualities will perhaps guide you, to give you confidence day after day.

In some cultures, particularly among the Amerindian peoples, the wolf symbolizes a totem of protection that accompanies them throughout their lives and a link with this untamable nature that we must respect.

Here this wolf running evokes independence and calm, not aggressiveness.