Fantasy Garden temporary tattoos large bag

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This Fantasy Garden Tattoos pouch contains more than 50 temporary decal tattoos on several cutting boards. Tattoos with round and colorful shapes, a mixture of flowers, small insects like butterflies, bees or birds ... Tattoos series very gay and magical in a large pouch to offer or to offer it!

Temporary tattoos pouch

Pouches containing many planks from the Fantasy Garden Tattoos series, more than 50 tattoos to cut and apply with a little water and remove with baby oil. Tattoos hold a minimum of 24 hours on the skin without deterioration. They can hold much longer if the pH of the skin is rather neutral. They are realistic and mats. The inks used are produced from vegetable components. Ingredients approved by the FD & C.

Tattoos flowers and multicolored butterflies

- Farmhouses among the flowers: panache of flowers with pink and purple shades and two pretty fairgrounds with shimmering colors
- Multicolored butterflies : 2 multicolored butterflies flying, small purple gracious flowers and pink like spring air
- Dragonfly : Volutes of orange flowers, intertwined shape and majestic blue dragonfly, stylized and soft and fresh colors
- Unicorn : An enchanting temporary tattoo and rather intended for the children of fairies, a pretty unicorn and colorful flowers. Pretty panache of colors and finesse details
- BODY ART COLOR : Fine and light forms, twisted and colorful lines for this temporary fine and delicate tattoo
- Lotus pink : pink lotus and musical printing for this temporary tattoo composed of blue bracelets with interlaced spirals, soft green leaves and a pink lotus with stylized shapes
- The fly bird : little fly bird with pussy colors, accompanied by brightly colored roses. Subtle degraded and color reflections for this female decal tattoo
- Flowers and bee : little amusing bee, several flowers alone or in bouquet to cut according to your desires to create sparkling temporary tattoos. Arabesques and spirals form these pretty purple and turquoise flowers with neat details and romantic colors
- Flowers and ladybug : Coquette and malicious ladybug, round and colorful dragonfly on this sparkling decal tattoo. Arabesques and spirals of flowers and interlaced leaves will form pretty temporary tattoos on arms and shoulders for example
- Bird, flowers and butterflies : 6 decals to cut. Simple pink butterfly all in roundness accompanied by colorful and delicate flowers, charming butterfly with warm colors or beautiful barium bird
- Colibri and dragonfly : colorful tattoo on which we can admire the richness of the details of the different motifs. That we choose the charming multicolored and aerial small hummingbird, the bariolated dragonfly or the round and voluptuous flowers
- Butterflies and dragonfly : 2 butterflies, 1 beautiful dragonfly and pretty undulating plants
- Wild flowers : 5 soft and delicate tattoos pattern, stylized and aesthetic wild plants and flowers
- unreal marguerites : 8 multicolored flowers (pink, mauve, purple, sky blue ...) in the shape of unreal marguerites by their surreal and mystical colors and 4 different sizes
- Roses and butterflies : 2 roses (one marked with a small heart) and 2 colorful butterflies, delicate tattoo and feminine

Temporary tattoos for children

This pocket will suit both great girls and small! The colors are bright, naive and charming patterns. A super pouch for the summer!