Black and white tiger very big temporary tattoo 48cm

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This very large monochromatic tattoo is centered around a beautiful tiger's head that is looking at us. It is not aggressive but it is majestic. The drawing is very neat and very realistic. We realize at the second glance that a butterfly shape surrounds it.

All around the flowers bloom and hummingbirds come to taste them. The clock, one of the most present symbols in tattoos, is also there to mean that time passes inexorably.

1 very large monochrome tattoo 48 * 17 cm.

Tiger tattoo

The tiger inevitably evokes courage, mental strength and self-confidence but it is also worn for its beauty. It is the symbol of raw emotions but has its share of femininity: it is a sensual animal that does not leave indifferent. Its feline side and its quiet strength seduce both men and women.

Clock tattoo

The clock tattoo has not lost its appeal through time.

It can mean a loss of time awareness, a feeling of immortality, or the opposite, the awareness of time passing.

It is one of the vintage motifs that are often found in large tattoos, alongside other symbols.