Dragonfly arabesques big temporary tattoo 15cm

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The dragonfly tattoo is generally associated with a symbolism of refined beauty, grace and romance, fragility with a notion of ephemerality, which are essentially feminine themes. Here the arabesque lines only highlight all this symbolism.

1 sheet of temporary tattoos 15 * 11 cm.

Dragonfly tattoo

Generally, the dragonfly means renewal, hope and love. It represents a positive force. Like most winged creatures, the dragonfly represents freedom.

Dragonfly and flower arabesques

The dragonfly tattoo has the advantage of being an aesthetic and very fluid design that easily fits the contours of any part of the body.

Temporary tattoo

Size of the tattoo: 11,5 cm x 18 cm.

Instructions for application

Technique and advice for a good application of a decal tattoo

The tattoos remain visible from 2 to 7 days. It depends on the series of tattoos. It also depends on the place of the body where you apply it (certain places are subjected to more rubbing by clothing for example) and on the acidity of your skin. Some skins are more aggressive than others.
For a good hold, it is advised to apply the tattoos stickers on a flat area of the body and with little or no hair.
Here are some tips for a good application of decalco tattoos:

- Choose the tattoo design according to the area of the body you are going to tattoo (dimensions, shapes, style...).

- Whether it's a tattoo board or an individual tattoo, it's advisable to cut around the design with a pair of scissors (to avoid unnecessary glue).
- Remove the protective film and stick the tattoo on the skin.
- Then soak the back of the tattoo by pressing firmly with a wet sponge for about 30 seconds. The entire surface of the tattoo must be soaked with water. Very gently lift the wet paper and check that the tattoo is well applied to the skin. If it is, you can then peel off the paper. You should be able to slide it off effortlessly. If not, re-wet the paper by pressing firmly with the damp sponge.
- Then take a dry towel and dab the tattoo area to dry it. Feel free to gently rub around the design to remove any residual glue.
- Most decalco tattoo series are very realistic, i.e. matte in appearance. If, however, you find that some tattoos are too shiny, you can use rice powder or tint-free cosmetic powder to make them completely matte.