Tatouage temporaire représentant un lapin blanc trop mignon : pour petits et grands

White rabbit temporary tattoo 8cm

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This adorable white bunny is just waiting for you to settle on your skin. He is all white with pink ears and nose. He will seduce young and old with his soft look and plush appearance. For bunny fans!

1 temporary tattoo rabbit white 8 * 8 cm.

Rabbit tattoo

The rabbit design may look simple and almost banal but it is a huge success. It is everywhere: in the Easter Calendar, in the Chinese astrological signs and also in literature and cinema with Alice in Wonderland or Jeannot Lapin. It is also found in the famous movie Matrix where the main actor must follow the "white rabbit tattoo" in order to access Trinity.

The rabbit is the symbol of the connection with nature but also of cunning and intelligence. The white rabbit evokes purity.

It is also a magical animal found in magic shows and fantasy worlds.

But above all the rabbit is an aesthetic and cute animal that touches us all with its tender and affectionate side and it is a real pleasure to wear it on one's skin.