In love metal colored unicorn temporary tattoo 5cm

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Unicorn decal tattoo, one of the favorite animals of children.

A beautiful unicorn with a thousand colors and reflections! Adorn yourself with brilliant colors and shimmering lights with this magical animal.

An animal of legend, a tattoo to be worn like a jewel.

It represents purity and self-knowledge. She is the emblem of love.

Temporary tattoo that will please dreaming children who like to escape into fairy worlds. To be applied very easily on the chosen part of the body with a wet sponge.

1 loving unicorn tattoo 5 cm x 5 cm.

How to apply a tattoo

Decal tattoos are applied on a clean and not oily skin with a wet sponge that you press on the tattoo for about 20 seconds after removing the protective plastic film.

To avoid the risk of allergy it is advised not to leave a decal tattoo on a child's skin for more than 48 hours. To remove it, use our Tattoo Gone wipe.

Unicorn tattoo

Purity, chastity, passionate love, fertility: the unicorn embodies all the qualities of love.

It is also the representative of longevity and self-knowledge.

But it is especially a fairy animal that makes young and old dream and that girls love. It is a beautiful creature absolutely perfect in tattoo.

Sparkling tattoos

Adorn yourself with gold and colors and let the ephemeral tattoos change in the light of the sun or the artificial lights of the night! Discover what's new this summer!

Colored metallic tattoos are very trendy and totally innovative. Ideal to make a sensation!