Dragons temporary extreme tattooz pack

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Pack of 2 tattoo sheets from the "Extreme Tattooz" series by Savvi. 6 temporary tattoos of colorful and terrifying dragons and monsters full of fangs and claws!

1 pouch containing 2 plates 10 * 12 cm.

Extreme tattooz pouch

The Extreme Tattooz pouches are a series of packs of super original tattoos with tribal motifs and themes like pirates, wild animals or skulls. We offer you the whole series.

This pack is composed of 2 tattoo sheets to cut out. A tribal universe full of monsters to wear in all circumstances.

Apply a temporary tattoo

Decal tattoos are applied on a clean and not oily skin with a wet sponge that you press on the tattoo for about 20 seconds after removing the protective plastic film.

Dragon tattoos

Dragons are represented connected with tribal symbols. They breathe fire, have their tongues out and visible fangs.

There are flying dragons, crawling dragons and those that look like aliens !

One of the patterns represents claws that tear a fabric like in our worst nightmares.

The colors are bright which makes the monsters even more impressive.

Dragons remain mythical and fanciful creatures and have always fascinated people. Wearing a dragon tattoo is like a talisman or totem.

In European culture, dragons were seen as evil creatures to be defeated by noble knights. There are many stories about dragon hunters and snake slayers such as Beowulf, Archangel Michael and Tristan. The dragon appears in Judaic and Christian cultures in the form of a snake and killing a dragon is often interpreted as defeating Satan.