French rooster temporary

French rooster temporary

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Even if officially France has only 2 emblems, the blue-white-red flag and the marseillaise, it is customary to quote the Gallic cockerel as one of the symbols of the Frankish people (similarity between "gallus" (cockerel in Latin) and "Gallus" (Gaul in Latin)). It is very often used as a symbol of the French team by sports federations.

Rooster tattoo

As surprising as it may seem, the first balls used to play rugby were not oval but round. In 1823, at the college in the town of Rugby, England, a certain William Webb-Ellis was playing soccer and suddenly decided to pick up the ball by hand. Rugby was born.

The exclamation "cocorico!", imitating the animal's cry, is an affirmation (often ironic) of French patriotism. The rooster is known for its noble work: that of waking the peasants in the early hours of the morning! It is a beautiful and curious animal that inspires the respect due to its bravery.

Tattoo size: 5 cm x 7 cm.