Multicolored tattoo Butterfly tattoo 8 cm

Multicolored tattoo Butterfly tattoo 8 cm

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This butterfly tattoo is refined and whimsical. Tie-dye for this tattoo shimmering, arabesques worked and chic details. A large butterfly in purple tones that can come to rest in your back, for example.

1 temporary tattoo butterfly 8 * 8 cm.


temporary tattoo

Dimension temporary tattoo decal: 8cm x 8cm. Exclusive series on

butterfly tattoo as a symbol

Obviously the butterfly remains the expression of the transience and ephemeral but he is also seen as a representative of immortality. In any case we suggest to enjoy the moment, carpe diem. 

butterfly protector

Although it is frail, light as the wind and fragile, it is considered the symbol of perfection and can be worn as a totem because it is the evocation of good and beauty.

Hence the butterfly tattoo is?

The butterfly has always had a place NIOHC in most civilizations. In ancient Greece, it symbolized immortality in ancient Rome was seen as the protector of souls during the journey leading them to the afterlife. In the Aztec peoples, it was associated with the souls of dead warriors in combat, and possibly returning roam the earth.