Drawed cat temporary tattoo 8cm

Drawed cat temporary tattoo 8cm

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Exclusive decal tattoo with a cat motif drawn with charcoal. This cat will come to life on your skin so realistic is the pattern. The lines are fine and the pattern is very neat. The expression of the cat both focused, proud and a little loitain will undoubtedly remind you of your feline.

8 * 8 cm.

Why wear a tattoo ?

The tattoo is a distinction that must be earned and each tattoo is unique, telling the story of the wearer. In general, we wear a tattoo (whether real or fake) to show something, to send a message about ourselves or about a cause that is dear to us. Of course it is also to look good! The advantage of the temporary tattoo is of course that it remains only a few days, no regrets!

How to apply a temporary tattoo ?

Tattoo decal to apply on the skin with a wet cloth. Remove with body oil or a Tattoo Gone wipe.

Tattoo cat 8 * 8 cm

A very beautiful drawing all in black, white, lights and shadows. The cat is majestic and dignified as one imagines it in the nature at the same time serene but on the lookout. It will look great on your biceps or on the back of your shoulder.

Meaning of a cat tattoo

A cat tattoo has different meanings. Indeed the cat can symbolize attachment and affection, but also evoke witchcraft and the supernatural. These two last points come to us especially from the Eastern and African cultures.

On the other hand the cat is a symbol of love and fertility directly linked to the woman in Scandinavian mythology. It refers to the symbols of love of the woman and prosperity.

You can also choose the wolf in the same spirit of pattern.