Planets on fire very big temporary tattoo 48cm

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This very large temporary tattoo plays on the contract between the shades of gray, black and white that make up most of the pattern and the orange yellow of the flames of butterflies and planets.

1 very large tattoo 48 * 17 cm.

Monochrome tattoo

The landscape is rather sinister with a gray cloudy sky, dead tree branches and quite scary skulls. Not to mention the crows that are circling.

In this monochrome set, a lion's face appears and I voluntarily use the term face because it seems almost human. Even if it is also all in shadow and light, it seems peaceful and attentive and brings a serenity and a reassuring vision.

Tattoos on fire

In this setting, some elements are colored and seem to catch fire, the effect is very realistic. Butterflies come out of the roots and rise into the sky. They pass over the roses and then we see 2 balls of fire: the planets. Lava seems to come out of their craters.

The colors are beautiful and you will appreciate the contrast between the morbid aspect of the background and the warmth of the colored elements.