Horse head temporary tattoo 8cm

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Exclusive decal tattoo horse head design. This animal symbolizes nobility, freedom, bravery and intelligence. It is one of the best friends of man and through the centuries, it has always been part of the history of people regardless of the region of the world.

1 temporary tattoo horse faceted 8 * 8 cm.

Why wear a tattoo ?

The tattoo is a distinction that is earned and each tattoo is unique, telling the life of the person who wears it. In general, we wear a tattoo (whether real or fake) to show something, to send a message about ourselves or about a cause that is dear to us. Of course it is also to look good! The advantage of the temporary tattoo is of course that it remains only a few days, no regrets!

How to apply a temporary tattoo ?

Tattoo decal to apply on the skin with a wet cloth. Remove with body oil or a Tattoo Gone wipe.

Horse tattoo

A very beautiful drawing all different facets of color The horse is majestic and dignified as we imagine it in nature. It will be of the most beautiful effect on your biceps or on the back of your shoulder

Meaning of a horse tattoo

Horses have a privileged place in the history of mankind. For a long time, they have allowed men to move easily and quickly, to transport goods and merchandise but also to gather herds, to cross rivers or to cross steep passages.

Although they are long domesticated animals, they often represent freedom and beauty. Horses are easily frightened and must be trained with great care. They are capable of great feats and can perform figures of great precision, if humans treat them with respect and patience in their work. Horse tattoos are living proof of the special bond that has always existed between man and this noble animal.