Grand tatouage temporaire loup tribal

Tribal wolf temporary tattoo 21cm

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Large monochrome tattoo representing a wolf head in profile surrounded by a large tribal symbol. It is a very beautiful ancestral Native American design, which takes us back to the first North American tribes.

1 large temporary tattoo wolf and tribal symbol 21 * 15 cm.

Apache tribal tattoo

There is an Indian tattoo for the peaceful warrior in all of us.

In American Indian tribes, tattoos were a sign of past experiences, membership in a specific tribe or achievements related to war and combat.

Indian tattoos symbolize some form of supernatural strength or power. Tattooing an animal on the skin means wanting to possess its qualities. A true symbol of heroism, this emblem shows the strength of spirit in the tribe.

Indian tattoos can be very varied as they can represent feathers, amulets and other types of symbols related to strength and security. They are carved on both male and female bodies and almost always represent something important to the person being tattooed. In fact, they are associated with values like protection and respect.

Native American wolf tattoo

Wolves are symbols of loyalty, they have a sense of the pack and sacrifice. They are intelligent and loyal animals and wolf mothers are very protective of their pups.

In Native American culture, the wolf represents loyalty to the tribe rather than cruelty.

The wolf is a totem animal whose protection is sought.