Pack of 5 butterfly temporary tattoo 3D 5cm

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This temporary butterfly tattoo looks ready to fly onto your skin thanks to the drop shadow. The details are meticulous, the colors shimmer, and it won't go unnoticed on your skin. Wear it for an evening out or this summer on your ankle or shoulder, unless it decides to land on your belly or neck.

Set of 5 butterfly tattoos 5 * 3 cm.

Butterfly temporary tattoos

Each feminine, multicolored butterfly measures 5 * 3 cm and is suitable for both small and large girls. It's so well done that it looks alive with its reflections and warm blue tones.

Applying and removing temporary tattoos

Decal tattoo to be applied with a damp cloth and strong pressure on the skin.

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Meaning of butterfly tattoo

The butterfly is one of women's favorite designs, easily worn on the nape of the neck or on the ankle. It's always airy, refined and symbolizes purity and the ephemeral, fragile side of things.

The butterfly is also said to symbolize metamorphosis, rebirth after a period of reconstruction. Like most winged creatures, the butterfly represents freedom.

The butterfly tattoo has the advantage of being an aesthetic, highly fluid design that adapts easily to the contours of any part of the body.

3D tattoo

Thanks to the realism of the design and the drop shadow, this butterfly looks as if it has just landed.