Very big peacock temporary tattoo 48cm

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Adorn this magnificent multicolored peacock whose feathers will spread all over your arm, leg or back. This very large tattoo will not go unnoticed with its bright and shimmering colors and its precise and refined details. It can be worn by a man as well as a woman.

1 temporary full arm tattoo 48 * 17 cm.

Full arm tattoo

The tattoo that covers your entire arm, back or leg has become increasingly popular in recent years.

It happened that some people do this to cover a tattoo badly done or on which they have regrets but it is also a culture: a tattoo that is seen, otherwise nothing! This comes from the tribal world and especially from the Maori world where men regularly tattooed one motif after another, creating an intertwining of drawings that ended up covering their whole body.

It's nice to be able to realize a full arm in a temporary way: no regrets, possibility to test, to change and also to adapt the design to the circumstances.

There are also sleeve tattoos that are the size of the forearm or the calf. They are also called sleeve tattoos.

Peacock tattoo

The tattoos representing a peacock are remarkable by their colors and their refinement. The peacock is a royal creature that represents nobility and dignity.

It is also a very surprising animal that looks like no other: this beautiful crest on the head like a crown, these colorful and shimmering feathers like a wedding dress and its ability to do a cartwheel with its tail are an ode to nature and never cease to amaze us.

In some cultures it is a divine and immortal animal and is associated with Krishna in the Hindu religion.