Tatouage temporaire aigle Johnny

Johnny eagle temporary tattoo 10cm

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This gray-plumed eagle is a bird of prey that lives in North America. It is a symbol of strength and prestige.

The eagle, capable of soaring above the clouds and staring at the sun, is universally considered a symbol of both heaven and sun. King of birds and king of the sky, it is, in classical antiquity, the bird of Zeus.

1 eagle tattoo 10cm.

Eagle tattoo

This beautiful eagle is ready to land on your shoulder. It is a pattern that is easily worn despite its large size because it is colorful and very realistic but once on your skin, it imposes and will not go unnoticed.

Johnny Tattoo

Exclusive series.

Size of the tattoo: 8,5 cm x 10 cm.

Wear an eagle on your skin like Johnny Hallyday for an evening or a few days of vacation or simply for a test.

Apply your temporary tattoo

Tattoo to be applied with a wet sponge on a clean and dry skin.

They can be removed with body oil.

Meaning of eagle tattoo

We can definitely say that this tattoo has its origin in the United States, where it is a very famous motif, especially among men.

It is very present in the army and is also observed among some policemen and firemen. The eagle symbolizes honor, loyalty and absolute dominance.

Since ancient times, the eagle has been a symbol of power and strength. It also represents freedom and has excellent physical abilities. Its reputation as a hunter is well known.

This is why it is generally associated with warriors, as well as with its deities. It designates strength, pride, victory and authority.

Its tattoo therefore conveys an image of freedom, pride, power and a will to succeed in life. The eagle is often associated with a symbol of spiritual regeneration, just like the phoenix.

Try pairing it with the pierced skull tattoo for a slightly more hardcore look.