Planche de tatouages teporaires araignées

Board of 8 spiders and webs temporary tattoos

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This is the perfect board for Halloween! 8 spiders and their webs are ready to land all over your body at Halloween time or all year round.

Tarantula, red back, spider and other spooky spiders share the board!

1 sheet of 8 spider tattoos 10,5 * 6 cm.

Spiders tattoos

The spider is the weaver of the universe, reminding us that we are responsible for building our own paths.

But its web is also considered by some as a symbol of mental or emotional imprisonment.

Generally speaking, the spider tattoo is not associated with anything negative but rather with wisdom, the notion of continuity, starting over and the spirit of sacrifice (she who is constantly remaking her web).

The Black Widow, symbol of femininity, sexual power, cunning, intelligence and independence. The species, delicate on the outside but always on the verge of giving a deadly attack, is commonly associated with women who have a strong personality.

Halloween tattoos

They will be perfect at Halloween time especially to complete a costume. Or you can wear one on your cheek, it will not go unnoticed.

The spider and spider webs remain one of the strong symbols of Halloween with vampires, witches and other chave souris.

Do you dare to wear spiders on your skin ?