Golden "Bee mine" temporary tattoo 5cm

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Let this bee come to rest on your body: it is round and all golden and will shine in the sun on your skin. It is very cute and no doubt that you will adopt it very easily. In addition the text "bee mine" is full of love and kindness, "be mine".

1 temporary gold tattoo 5 * 5 cm.

Tattoos messages

What is more personal than a message printed on the skin? Tattoos are a way to express yourself, to wear your colors, your beliefs, your emotions. Tattoos messages have the merit to be very clear! We have a whole range of them so don't hesitate to come and get yours.

And if you can't find what you're looking for, think about customizable tattoos.

The good thing about temporary tattoos is that you can wear several messages, change your mind, your cause, your love...

Golden tattoos

The golden tattoos have always been a great success. They are shiny, chic and glamorous and are adorned with 1000 sparkles in the sun or under the spotlight.

Our department is full of messages but also stars, feathers, dream catcher and many more.

Think about it for the holidays!

Bee tattoos

These small insects have also been considered symbols of fertility, work and so on. The bee tattoo is associated with family, honor, courage and loyalty.

In the world of bees, the bee is loyal to its hive and its queen. The bee demonstrates honor, responsibility, duty, consistency, unity, family and solidarity. Once you know that bees have all of these meanings, you can begin to see this species less as a threat and more as a model in your daily life.