Small temporary tattoo pack snake tattooz

Small temporary tattoo pack snake tattooz

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Small pouch with 10 tattoos decals for teens : snakes, tribal symbols, daggers, swords ...

Ideal tattoo size for young people and really trendy designs for a very small price !

2 boards 10 * 15 cm.

Snakes tattoos

This pouch contains many snake designs :

The snakes around a dagger: it is the representation of Greek god of healing and medicine, the caduceus. The snake is associated with fertility and rebirth. Whoever gets a tattoo of a snake wrapped around a dagger undergoes a transformation, a renewal in his life following a fight he has led. It is a positive sign.

One of the symbols also pierces a rose, the other is on fire.

Tribal tattoo

Some primitive symbols accompany these snakes: tribal marks and crosses a bit middle-aged complete the cover.