3D butterlies temporary tattoo pack

3D butterlies temporary tattoo pack

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3D pouch with 10 decalcomania tattoo sheets "Butterfly Tattoos" totaling more than 50 tattoos: colorful butterflies and full of peace and love patterns, hearts, flowers ...

17 * 11 cm.

This pouch is composed of many boards totaling more than 50 tattoos to cut out.

Natural tattoos

Ingredients approved by the FD § C, hypoallergenic.

Butterfly tattoo

The butterfly is one of the favorite designs among women and is easily worn on the neck or ankle. Indeed it is always airy, refined and symbolizes the purity and the ephemeral and fragile side of things.

The butterfly is also attributed the symbolism of metamorphosis, rebirth, after a phase of reconstruction. Like most winged creatures, the butterfly represents freedom.

The butterfly tattoo has the advantage of being an aesthetic and very fluid design that adapts easily to the contours of all parts of the body.

How to apply and remove your tattoo

It is very simple to apply a temporary tattoo: start by removing the plastic film and place the design against your skin. Then moisten the back of the tattoo generously until the paper slides off your skin and reveals the design on your skin. To remove your decalco, rub gently with a greasy substance like baby oil.