Small humming bird temporary tattoo 5cm

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One of those little tattoos you just can't get enough of! It'll come to life before your very eyes. The modern, stylized motif gives it volume, and its shimmering, changing colors give the impression that it's about to take flight. A tattoo to wear all over your body. You'll love the finesse of the design and colors.

1 temporary tattoo 4 * 4cm.

Bird tattoo

Bird tattoos are timeless and appeal to men and women alike. They come in a variety of bird species, colors and sizes.

Hummingbird tattoo

Hummingbirds are small birds with colorful, sophisticated plumage, nicknamed hummingbirds for their small size.

Because of the variety of hummingbird species and plumage colors, this tattoo offers an infinite number of variations.

Hummingbird symbolism

Native Americans attribute to the hummingbird the power of resurrection. It appears to die on cold nights, but always comes back to life at dawn.

The hummingbird's meaning varies from culture to culture, but because of its colorful appearance and the delicacy of this species, it most often conveys the idea of natural beauty, innocence and love.

Another symbol of the hummingbird is that of joie de vivre and happiness. It reminds us to enjoy life's pleasures and have fun, as the hummingbird does by constantly seeking to drink the most delicious nectars from flowers.

As incredible migratory birds that can travel thousands of kilometers, the hummingbird also symbolizes perseverance and tenacity in the pursuit of our dreams.

Natural tattoos
Non-toxic, vegetable-based tattoos.

Tattoo size: 5 * 5 cm.

Applying the tattoo
Apply to skin with a little water for 30 seconds, pressing firmly, then remove with baby oil. To remove effectively and without rubbing, use our tattoo gone wipe.