Very big indian buddha temporary tattoo 21cm

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A huge and beautiful temporary tattoo to wear on his back. This Indian Buddha is in full meditation and inspires peace and serenity. This oriental deity decorated and adorned with jewels is a symbol of spirituality and benevolence.

1 temporary tattoo oriental buddha 21 * 15cm.

Buddha tattoo

People appreciate the Buddha tattoo either because they are followers of this religion, or because they feel close to the philosophy of life it represents, or because its symbols seem very aesthetic and they are excellent designs for tattoos.

Very large tattoo to wear on the back

Wear this large tattoo on your back as a source of inspiration: it will incite you to meditation, serenity and tolerance.

Dimension of the motif: 21 x 15 cm on the skin.

Religious tattoo

The main symbol of Buddhism is of course the Buddha figure. A tattoo of Buddha will show your faith and interest in this religion, the fact that you adopt the values it advocates. To speak of Buddhism is to speak of a religious concept that means that a person has reached a complete spiritual awakening. It also denotes a mental tranquility in the face of the chaos that surrounds us, the ability to overcome confusion, desire and aversion, feelings normally experienced by human beings. If you feel identified by this philosophy, then a Buddha tattoo is an excellent idea. Here he is represented in meditation: reflection and search for knowledge.

Applying and removing your temporary tattoo

Tattoo decal to be applied with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.