Alice in wonderland very big temporary tattoo 48cm

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A very original full arm tattoo! You will find on this very large tattoo all the symbols of Alice in Wonderland: the young Alice in her blue dress, the magic potion, the cheshire cat, the caterpillar, all in the middle of the maze so known and the card game.

The colors are bright and eye-catching!

1 large temporary tattoo Alice in Wonderland 48 * 17 cm.

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

Originally, when it was first written, the book was not intended for children. The writing was resumed a second time for children by keeping the wonderful characters that made it so attractive to this young audience.

Alice is bored with her sister reading a book while she does nothing. "What good is a book without pictures or dialogue? But then a pink-eyed white rabbit in a frock coat with a pocket watch in it runs by her. This does not surprise her in the least. But when she sees him take a watch out of his pocket and shout, "I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!", she thought to herself that there was something special about this rabbit. As she enters the rabbit hole behind him, she takes an almost interminable fall that leads her into a world that is the opposite of her own. She will meet a gallery of devious characters and find herself confronted with paradox, absurdity and the bizarre...

Symbolism of the Alice tattoo

The adult world is illogical, and it is through the eyes of a child that we perceive all its evils and defects. Nothing makes sense, only a child devoid of conventions can see it, adults are already framed by society. As the saying goes, the truth comes out of the mouths of children.

Children have a "simple and loving heart", which is why we must, like Alice, keep our childlike soul through adulthood.