Very big full arm tatto "Love and hate" 48cm

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This very large monochrome tattoo features the great classic tattoo symbols: the swallow, the skull, the rose, the nautical star and even the tattoo needle. A banner with the text "Love Hate" completes the design.

1 temporary tattoo full arm on the tattoo world 48 * 17 cm.

Tattoo needle to tattoo

This drawing honors a tattoo syringe from which comes out a spray of colors that scatter in the pattern. It's quite funny because the tattoo is in black and white!

This syringe is represented as a weapon, almost like an automatic machine gun with its magazine. But this weapon is harmless and only by the message, not the violence.

Classic tattoo symbols

Here you will find very popular motifs in tattoos:

The swallow is the favorite bird of sailors because they are the symbol of returning home.

The skull is a representation of defying death or accepting the transience of life.

The flames represent passion.

The nautical star is again a symbol of sailors and evokes the ability to orient oneself.

This very large tattoo has the merit of gathering all these symbols for the greatest pleasure of tattoo fans.

The message "Love Hate" is spread out like a banner, words that oppose each other and are also very close.