Very big skulls and card games temporary tattoo 48cm

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This monochrome full arm tattoo is a classic tattoo design. As always, very large tattoos allow you to put many symbols in one design. The theme of this decalco is death and play. A tangle of skulls, cards, clock, numbers and game symbols.

1 very large black and white tattoo 48 * 17 cm.

Tattoos game of chance

Playing cards are one of the most classic elements of tattooing. It represents obviously the love of the game but also the love of the risk. Often linked to death, it is a strong symbol of belief in his destiny.

We find in the pattern the diamond on the scales of the snake and numbers scattered or positioned as on a roulette wheel or a spider web.

Finally a clover adds the notion of luck in the tattoo.

Skulls and clocks

The 2 grinning skulls are well highlighted and refer again to death and the challenge it represents. The clock completes this notion of time passing and bringing us closer to the end. It is also a reference very used in tattoos.

Snake tattoo

The snake is a symbol of rebirth and immortality even if it is represented here in a rather aggressive way, tongue and fangs out!

The whole tattoo full arm seems to be a challenge: challenge to win, challenge against death, we try everything!