Biomechanical skeleton very big tattoo 48cm

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This very large temporary tattoo is worn on the arm, leg or back. It represents a skeleton half man, half machine. The design is very realistic and will blend into your skin like cyborg elements. The details are neat and the colors and shadows and lights make it very lively.

1 very large tattoo 48 * 17 cm.

Skeleton tattoo

One could believe, wrongly, that getting a skeleton tattoo is a negative image, a representation of death and a rather morbid drawing. Notably because after death, the flesh decomposes and only the skeleton remains.

However, the skeleton symbolizes eternal life and above all the value of life that must be enjoyed. It is an understanding of the passage of time and serenity in the face of the ephemeral side of existence.

Biomechanical tattoo

Biomechanical tattoos appeared in the United States in the 80's as a symbol of a new era of technological advances.

On this great tattoo that we offer, combine electronic or mechanical parts closely related to the bones of the human body are really realistic.

These patterns are in a fantastic realistic style.

They don't necessarily have a deep meaning except that of having nothing to hide. But they are aesthetic and impressive.