Jesus and Mary very big religious tattoo 48cm

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This very large monochrome tattoo represents a biblical scene. Jesus is shown praying and Mary is bent over in a devotional posture. In the background, the sun is piercing the clouds. The scene is completed by doves of peace and roses. The motif is entirely in shades of white and gray and the play of light and shadow makes it even more mystical. The two figures are in prayer and meditation but not at all in pain. Even the crown of thorns of Jesus has been replaced by a wooden crown.

1 very large tattoo Christ and Mary 48 * 17 cm.

Jesus tattoo

Tattoos of Christ are powerful and meaningful. Many people tattoo Jesus to show their faith and devotion.

The face of Christ appears in many representations and is often detailed and very realistic because they are always works of art. Tattoos are part of these artists' drawings.

A tattoo of Jesus represents not only faith but also hope and inspiration. It is also a symbol of goodness and love for one's neighbor.

Virgin Mary Tattoo

Sailors were the first to tattoo the Virgin Mary. They often ventured into unknown waters and did not know what the outcome of their journey would be, so they were tattooed with the image of the Virgin Mary as a reminder of their mother, wife or bride waiting for them on land.

Mary will always remain the symbol of the mother, sacrifice and protection. The Virgin Mary has a special place in the hearts of Christians. They see her as a pillar of feminine strength, a compassionate person and the ultimate symbol of feminine divinity.