Très grand tatouage full arm dans les nuances de gris représentant une horloge, des roses et un cadenas en forme de coeur avec une clé

Prisoners of time very big temporary tattoo 48cm

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Very large monochrome tattoo representing a clock to which is hung a heart-shaped padlock, all surrounded by roses and clouds. The whole is made of shadows and lights and plays on the contrasts and shades.

1 tattoo full arm Clock and padlock 48 * 17 cm.

Tattoo clock

The clock tattoo has never lost its charm and depth. It is a tattoo that has several deep and undeniable meanings.

It is always the symbol of time: time passing, time before, nostalgia of the past, uncertainty of the future...

The clock tattoo allows us not to forget that :

Time passes sometimes in a hard way but in the end it passes

Every period of our life has an end, whether it is a period of joy or sadness

We must always enjoy our life

We must be careful, reflection and prudence must always be present so that your actions are well studied

A clock or a watch can evoke the loss of consciousness of time and the fact of refusing the passage of time.

As for the combination between the dial and the rose as in this design, it symbolizes the eternity of love.

Padlock tattoo

Keys and locks or padlocks are symbols that have become very present in tattoos. It is a tattoo that can have a double meaning, both opening and closing.

Here the lock is in the shape of a heart, it is open and the key hangs next to it. So the message transmitted is that the loved one has the key to your heart, or that your heart belongs to him. It is a very romantic tattoo.

This lock is hung on the clock and we can see a metaphor on the eternal love or on the contrary on the impssibility of it.