Très grand tatouage temporaire tribal

Tribal big temporary tattoo 21cm

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A huge and beautiful temporary tattoo to wear on your shoulder like the real Maoris. The word tattoo comes from Polynesia: "Ta" means "art written in the skin" and "atua" means "spirit". So let your spirit take over your body with a tribal tattoo.

1 temporary maori tribal tattoo 21 * 15 cm.

Maori tattoo

Maoris think that the tattoo is of divine origin: the brother gods Mata Arahu and Tu Ra'i Po fell in love with a young woman Hina Ere Manua. They had the idea to tattoo their bodies to seduce her.

The tattoo was then transmitted to Men and it remained a means of seduction. Moreover, Maori women were more attracted by tattooed men, especially because it is considered as a symbol of power, virility and wealth. Indeed, men were tattooed after each victory in war and each trial of life.

Very large tattoo to wear on the shoulder

Wear this big tattoo on your shoulder like the Maori men. It is perfectly suited to this area of the body. Women, on the other hand, used to tattoo their hands or arms. Let the spirituality be displayed on your body the time of an evening or a few days.

Size of the motif: 21 x 15 cm on the skin.

Tribal tattoo

This ancestral art has crossed the centuries without taking a wrinkle. Primitive designs are still as popular as ever and never go out of fashion. This great design is easy to wear and suitable for both men and women. Most Maori tattoos are monochrome.

Applying and removing your temporary tattoo

Tattoo decal to be applied with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil or a tattoo gone wipe.