Skulls and gun full arm temporary tattoo 48cm

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This beautiful and colorful tattoo represents a Mexican skull, a gun and a pocket watch, all surrounded by multicolored roses. These elements are on a black and white spiral design.

1 full arm tattoo skull and gun 48cm.

Tattoo calaveras

Unlike All Saints' Day which is a rather sad day of the dead, the "dia de los muertos" is a festival in Mexico that is celebrated by big parades and a real carnival. This festival takes place every year at the end of October or beginning of November and is a joyful tribute!

The calaveras are very decorated skulls with flowers and especially full of colors.

Having a Mexican skull tattoo is a sign of respect towards one's ancestors.

Gun tattoo

A rifle is a bold symbol, as are all gun designs. They are not very subtle and people use them to signify aggression or a "don't mess with me" vibe. Firearm tattoos are also associated with bravery, heroism and courage. They are often popular among soldiers, marines, hunters and other regular gun users.

Pocket watch tattoo

Pocket watches represent time, but the meaning may be more complex.

They can represent time, imprisonment, a moment with great personal significance, infinity, endless love, life and death.

When you choose an old pocket watch tattoo, you are focused on eternity and questioning existence. You are aware of the value of life. Those who wear this type of tattoo are very thoughtful, insightful and courageous.