Mexican cactus temporary tattoo 6cm

Mexican cactus temporary tattoo 6cm

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Tattoo decal representing a drawn cactus. It is a funny cactus, placed in its purple pot on which hearts are drawn. The cactus tattoo is exotic, it reminds us of the forests and deserts that are its natural habitat and evokes the Mexican who takes a nap under his hat!

1 cactus tattoo 6 * 5 cm.

Ephemeral tattoo cactus

Dimension of the temporary tattoo decal sheet: 6 cm x 5 cm.

A temporary tattoo at the same time funny and shifted that child or adult can carry.

It reminds us of the deserts or the pretty small pots of cactus that we put on the edge of its window.

The cactus is a very fashionable design that can be combined with llamas, Mexican skulls...

Cactus tattoo

The cactus is native to the arid regions of America. It is a plant that adapts to an extremely dry and hot environment and have the ability to retain water.

This plant is synonymous with the desert but also, especially, with love and resistance because it grows in difficult conditions and also symbolizes warmth, protection and courage.

Some people even get a tattoo of a cactus image as a constant reminder: they must love and let themselves be loved, let things take their course.

Mexican tattoos

To be worn next to one of our calveras, those Mexican skulls with a thousand colors and patterns or with a llama.

Mexican tattoos carry a lot of the rich cultural history of Mexico. Although hundreds of years have passed, these tattoos are still heavily influenced by Aztec and Inca designs, as well as the various religious cultures of the ancient Mayans. Almost all Mexican tattoos are bold and intense.