Glitter fun temporary tattoo pack

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Pack of 16 glitter tattoos: animals, moustaches, ice cream, a watch... If you want to have fun with your friends or your family, choose these funny tattoos to set the mood.

1 complete pouch of 16 glittering tattoos.

Natural tattoos

Our tattoos are hypoallergenic and safe for the skin. They are applied with water and removed with a Tattoo Gone wipe.

Tattoo pack

The tattoo pouch has many advantages:

you can take it on vacation and have your stock for the week or the month.

you can organize a party, a birthday, a school fair or any other private or public event.

you will satisfy everyone because the pouches contain designs of all sizes, colors and kinds.

Contents of the pouch

Here are the different designs: watch, multiple whiskers, pug dog, cat whiskers, ice cream cone, pizza slice, popsicles, squirrel, pink Buddha, hearts, cat, pineapple and bananas.

Glitter tattoos

For glitter tattoos, the paper is soaked even more generously on the back when you apply them. Then, they hold as long as a classic tattoo.

Glitter tattoos are festive, catch the light and are perfect for a party or on the beach or by the pool.