Rosé all day temporary tattoo 7,5cm

Rosé all day temporary tattoo 7,5cm

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Gold metallic temporary tattoo "Rosé all day". The 3 words we love to hear! When you go out with your girlfriends, for a bachelorette party, this tattoo will be just perfect! Wear this tattoo as a piece of jewelry and an expression of your desire to live and enjoy!

1 temporary tattoo 7,5 * 7,5 cm.

Temporary tattoo instructions for use

Tattoo decal: apply on the skin then moisten with a wet cloth for about thirty seconds then remove the paper and it's magic, the pattern is on your skin. Remove with body oil or a Tattoo Gone wipe.

Tattoo Rosé All Day

Dimension of the motif: 7,5 x 7,5 cm.

A funny and quirky text, absolutely perfect for bachelorette parties, girls' parties and crazy summer nights. It's a festive and sometimes a little bit mocking tattoo for the girls without complex!

You will love to wear this golden tattoo that will show who you are and what state of mind you are in: a fun and funny girl, a lively girl who likes to enjoy life's pleasures and who wants to have fun tonight!

Gold metallic tattoo

Gold, silver and metallic tattoos can be worn like jewels: they shine in the sun or under the spotlights at night.

We offer many models:

- lower back tattoos to be worn on the lower back

- underboob to put under the chest

- spine to apply along the spine

- all types of patterns: romantic like butterflies or hearts, religious like cherubs and crosses, wild like the tiger or flowers and symbols.