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Tattoos Tattoos Tattoo Board 15 cm

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Board of 7 tattoos decals of fancy trees. A tree forest filled with stars or colorful balls in very gay tones. This board includes 1 large purple tree, 2 shrubs and colorful stars ribambels.

1 Ephemeral tattoos board 15 * 15 cm

Temporary tattoos board

Dimension of the temporary tattoos board decals: 15 cm x 15 cm.

A board to share with friends or to tattoo everywhere while remaining in the same theme. Perfect also for a birthday, a party, a kermes!

Tattoo tree

Trees are recurring patterns in tattoos and are responsible for a great symbolic that make it an ideal choice for spiritual people, in perpetual research of evolution and culture as a driver of their daily lives.

Trees are part of nature, symbolizing life, and also the force acquired over the years.

Due to the strength and longevity of these plants, it is the perfect image of the strength and persistence of our spiritual beliefs.

The tree represents life, our roots to our foliage and the symbolism is very strong whatever your culture and beliefs.

Fantasy tattoo

Tattoo does not always represent reality and these original trees do not derogate from the rule. The purple tree is composed of stars in autumn tones and shrub leaves are multicolored balls totally improbable in nature. Rather, it looks like a launre party wreath and guinguette !