Tatouages temporaires drapeau allemagne

2 Germany flag temporary tattoos 4,5cm

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2 temporary tattoos of the German flag.
For those wishing to encourage Germany's football team for the European football cup or the world with flags in Tattoos Decalcomanies from any city or country.

2 temporary tattoos flags of Germany.

Temporary Tattoo Germany

Temporary tattoo size: about 3 x 4.5 cm

Tattooing on the skin: 2 to 3 days
Safe for the skin

The German flag is a tricolor flag consisting of three horizontal bands equal to the national colors of Germany: black, red and gold.

The use of the flag and other national symbols is relatively low in Germany, in response to the generalized use of flags by the Nazi party and noisy Nazis nationalism in general. The flag is mainly used by the authorities on a special occasion, or by citizens at international sporting events.

Tattoo instructions

1 The skin must be clean (no oil, makeup, etc.)

2 Remove Tattoo's protective transparent sheet

3 Place the Tattoo on the tattoo area, down pattern

4 Place a wet cloth or sponge on the back of the tattoo and soak with water

5 Wait 30 seconds without moving and gently remove the wet sheet

6 Gently buffer with a dry fabric for drying the area.

Football tattoos

This Tattoo Decalco of the German flag can be worn to support the team of Germany during the world, championships, the Euro football ...

You can also choose football balloons, players ...

Temporary tattoos Flag of Germany

A tattoo to wear on the cheek as true supporters do !

Regardless of the sport you love, you will want to support the team of your choice and the flag is the emblem of the country.

It is easy to wear in all circumstances on the shoulder or ankle for example.