Haka rugbyman temporary tattoo 10cm

Haka rugbyman temporary tattoo 10cm

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This tattoo depicts a rugby player doing the Haka, the famous ritualistic sung dance of the South Pacific islanders. The Māori made it world famous by the New Zealand rugby union team, which has been performing it before its matches since 1905. Check out all of our temporary rugby tattoos.

Haka is a generic name for all māori dances.

Etymologically, the word haka means "to do". And this type of dance was practiced throughout Polynesian Oceania. It was not uncommon to find in the lyrics of the haka crude words, and insults directed at the enemy.

This complex dance is an expression of the passion, vigor and identity of this people. The haka, more than a pastime, was an important custom, especially when welcoming people at social gatherings. The reputation of the tribes was based in part on their ability to do the haka.

The haka became famous around the world thanks to the influence of the New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks. The players, dressed in black, traditionally perform a haka before the start of each game in order to impress the opponent. The systematic interpretation of the haka dates from 1987, during the first Rugby World Cup. It was previously reserved for the All Blacks' tours in foreign countries.

Size of the tattoo: 10 cm x 7 cm.