Olympic games fencing temporary tattoo 7cm

Olympic games fencing temporary tattoo 7cm

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A fencing tattoo is a unique and personal way to show your passion for the sport. It expresses what fencing means to you.

This silhouette of a fencer in action captures a dynamic moment of a fencing duel. It represents the movement and agility needed for the sport. The abstract lines and shapes inspired by the fluid movement of fencing make the design very artistic and personal.

1 fencing temporary tattoo 7cm.

Temporary tattoo fencing at the Paris 2024 Olympics

The 2024 Olympic Games, to be held in Paris, will be a major event for fans of fencing, a sport with a long tradition at the Olympics.

The fencing competitions will take place during the first week of the Games and the events will be held at the Grand Palais, an iconic venue in Paris, providing a spectacular backdrop for the competitions.

Fencing is a sport where the Olympic medallists can change with each edition of the Games, but some countries have historically dominated:

France: As the host country, French fencers will have a significant advantage and will be in the spotlight.

Italy: Known for its strong fencing tradition, particularly in foil.

Russia and the United States: These countries have also produced recent Olympic champions.

Fencing at the Olympics

Fencing at the Olympic Games comprises three main disciplines: Épée, Fleuret and Sabre. Each of these disciplines is contested individually and in pairs.