Rugbyman race temporary tattoo 7cm

Rugbyman race temporary tattoo 7cm

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Celebrate the Rugby World Cup with this ephemeral tattoo of a rugby player in full race! Children, adults, amateur rugby players and women rugby fans... in short everyone will love wearing the colors of this team sport! Discover all our temporary rugby tattoos.

Rugby tattoos

The rules of rugby make it a very special sport. It is a team sport, with contact and ball. Its main specificity is to mix handball and physical combat sometimes violent. The result is a very open game that requires sophisticated regulations to prevent Rugby from becoming uninteresting, incomprehensible, or overly dangerous.

The essence of the game is to try to move the ball forward, i.e. into the opponent's end zone, to score points through a try, a drop out, or a penalty due to an opponent's foul, while trying to prevent the opponent's team from doing the same.

Size of the tattoo: 7 cm x 7 cm.