American temporary tattoo pack

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Pouch containing 15 temporary tattoo decal sheets with approximately 25 tattoos: various designs such as stars, hearts, flags in the colors of the United States and messages of freedom and peace.

1 pouch of red, white and blue tattoos.

Temporary tattoos pouch

Temporary tattoos must be held firmly on the skin for at least 30 seconds during application.

Various board sizes.

Decal tattoos are cut and applied with a damp sponge to clean, non-oily skin.

They can be removed with body oil or ideally with the Tattoo Gone wipe.

American decalco tattoos

All designs are in the colors of the American flag: red, white and blue and most of them feature the American flag.

Motifs and symbols of american tattoos

Here are the contents of the different boards:

2 American star bracelets to wear around the arm, wrist or ankle.

star glasses with the message 'merica

1 butterfly bow tie ideal to celebrate the 4th of July or during the elections

all american girls" message

all amercian boys" message with a nice mustache

USA" map of the United States

blue, white and red stars

American flag star

eagle head

peace and love symbol

several American flags

eagle with wings color of the American flag

remembrance ribbon

Messages of freedom

Tattooing symbols of the United States

North American tattoos are a classic.

The United States flag undoubtedly represents the loyalty that North Americans feel for their country and a commitment that some make to defend their homeland.

The bald eagle is another essential symbol. We must not fail to refer to it if we want to talk about the United States. It is the symbol of freedom.

We can also choose to create a tattoo composed of several North American symbols. It is common to see an eagle on the American flag.