Olympic games french kiss temporary tattoo sheet 10cm

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This sheet contains 3 temporary tattoos in the colours of the French flag: a star, a moustache and a kiss. It's an essential set for supporting the French team at all sports and events! Perfect for the Olympics or the Euros!

1 sheet of temporary tattoos France 10.5 cm.

French team tattoos

Temporary tattoos in the colours of France are popular, especially during sporting events like the Olympics, the World Cup or the Euros. They allow supporters to show their support for the national team without the commitment of a permanent tattoo.

Red white and blue tattoos

Applying these tricolour tattoos couldn't be easier: you cut out the one you've chosen, remove the plastic film, apply the design to the skin and moisten the back of the tattoo until the paper is completely soaked. Then gently slide the paper over the skin and wow, the design appears!

The size of the tattoos means you can put them anywhere you like, even on your face for greater visibility!

And they're just as easy to remove with baby oil.