Temporary tattoo sheet France ribbon 10cm

Temporary tattoo sheet France ribbon 10cm

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Pack of 3 temporary tattoos in the colours of France: 2 flags and a ribbon. The perfect designs to support your favourite team or sportsperson during the Euros, the World Cup, sports championships, the Olympic Games or cultural events.

1 sheet of temporary tattoos 10.5 * 6 cm.

Olympic Games temporary tattoos

Paris 2024 is committed to organising sustainable Games with an ambitious goal of carbon neutrality. Measures include using existing buildings, optimising public transport and using renewable energy.

Introduction of new sports, such as breakdancing, to the Olympic programme to attract a younger and more diverse audience.

The opening ceremony is set to be spectacular, with a parade of athletes along the Seine, providing a unique and memorable sight, and Paris plans to showcase French culture and historical heritage through various events and exhibitions alongside the sporting competitions.

Temporary Euro football tattoos

Qualification for Euro 2024 takes place through various qualifying groups, where national teams compete for a place in the final tournament. Germany automatically qualifies as the host country.