Tatouage temporaire drapeau français, France, caniche et coeur

Snobby poodle french temporary tattoo sheet 10cm

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Here's the funniest patriotic temporary tattoo sheet! It includes 3 tattoos in red, white and blue: 1 heart, 1 FRANCE text and 1 snobby poodle!

1 sheet of temporary tattoos France 10 * 6 cm.

Temporary tattoos France

The French Poodle is an elegant and intelligent breed of dog, known for its friendly nature and trainability.

The poodle is often associated with France, although its ancestors can be traced back to German hunting dogs used to retrieve game from water. The term 'poodle' comes from the French word 'cane', meaning 'duck', emphasising the breed's water dog origins. In France, the Poodle has been refined and developed into a distinct breed, prized for its beauty, intelligence and versatility.

The Poodle is often seen as a symbol of sophistication and style, largely due to its elaborate grooming cuts and graceful appearance. Historically, the poodle has been a favourite among aristocrats and royalty, reinforcing its association with elegance and refinement.

Tricolour tattoos

Tricolour tattoos, particularly those inspired by the blue, white and red colours of France, are popular for a variety of reasons and can symbolise national, patriotic or personal values.

Blue is often associated with freedom, justice and loyalty. White symbolises peace, purity and equality, and red represents courage, bravery and fraternity.

The heart filled with the three colours symbolises love and passion for France.