Temporary Tattoo Board France Rose 10cm

Temporary Tattoo Board France Rose 10cm

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Choose this patriotic tattoo sheet to celebrate all the major sporting or cultural events! Includes 2 tattoos: 1 cockade and 1 rose in the colours of France.

1 sheet of 2 temporary tattoos for the Olympics and the Euro 10.5 * 6 cm.

France Cockade temporary tattoos

The French tricolour cockade is a national symbol representing the colours blue, white and red. These colours are those of the French flag and embody the values of the French Republic: liberty, equality and fraternity.

The tricolour cockade was adopted during the French Revolution. The cockade was first green, then blue and red, and finally white was added to represent the monarchy.

The blue is traditionally associated with the city of Paris and the Parisian revolutionaries.

White symbolises the monarchy and the king.

Red is also associated with Paris and the revolution.

Temporary tattoos Olympic Games 2024

The French rose is a symbolic and historic flower closely associated with French culture and history. Here are some aspects of this iconic flower.

The rose is often linked to the French monarchy, particularly the white rose, which was the emblem of the House of York in England and was adopted by certain French royal branches.

The rose, with its beauty and fragrance, continues to inspire and enchant in France, playing an important role in the country's culture, economy and heritage.