Golden "Just Love" temporary tattoo 5cm

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"Just Love" gold temporary tattoo. 2 little words for a very big statement! A sweet and comforting tattoo! Wear this tattoo as a message of peace and love and apply the principle! We love the little gold heart that seals the promise.

1 temporary tattoo 5 * 5 cm.

Temporary tattoo instructions for use

Tattoo decal: apply on the skin then moisten with a wet cloth for about thirty seconds then remove the paper and it's magic, the pattern is on your skin. Remove with body oil or a Tattoo Gone wipe.

Tattoo Just Love

Dimension of the motive: 7,5 x 7,5 cm.

A simple and beautiful text! It is a tattoo which wraps you of solicitude, that you will be able to make you offer by your lover to the small care for you!

You will love to wear this golden tattoo with its small golden heart that we can see very precisely despite its small size.

Message tattoo

People can't escape the messages that you tattoo and they can convey an idea, a thought, a mood. You can personalize your text with personalized tattoos or choose from our funny, romantic, philosophical lettering!

This tattoo is perfect for Valentine's Day or a peace and love party.

Gold tattoos

The metallic gold, silver or colored tattoos catch the light and are worn like skin jewelry. Our department is full of them: messages but also symbols, drawings... there is something for everyone!