Chapman mustach temporary tattoo 9cm

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Colorful and varied mustaches super fashionable like Charlie Chaplin in the blink of an eye? It's now possible thanks to these 4 really funny tattoos! You can choose to tattoo them for real on your mustache or put them on your fingers for a temporary mustache!

1 sheet of 4 temporary mustache tattoos 9 * 6.5 cm.

How to apply and remove your temporary tattoo

How to apply the decal tattoo ?

1 - the skin must be clean (no oil, make-up, etc). Choose an area of the body without hair.

2 - cut the tattoo as close as possible to the design

3 - remove the transparent protective sheet from the tattoo

4 - place the tattoo on the area to be tattooed, motif facing the skin

5 - put a wet cloth or a sponge on the back face of the tattoo and soak it uniformly with water

6 - wait about 20 seconds while pressing lightly and then gently remove the wet cloth

7 - dab gently with a dry cloth to dry the area

How to remove the tattoo ?

The custom decalco tattoo will eventually go away by itself after a few days. You can remove it by using a body oil and rubbing with a towel.

Tattoo board

Size of Tattoos board: 6,5 x 9 cm.

Temporary mustache tattoos

4 different mustache tattoos:

the wrestler, the investigator, the doc, the villain for hours of laughter.

Ideal to complete a costume.

Personalized temporary tattoo for birthday, bachelorette party

The mustache tattoos will allow you to "disguise" the lucky man or woman in a very temporary way and will provide you with a few laughs... in addition you can adapt the mustache to the person who wears it: rather Einstein or dictator?

Complete or vary with a very bad trip tattoo that is worn around the eye.

All occasions are good to wear a personalized temporary tattoo: the photo of the groom for an evjf, the first name of his beloved for Valentine's Day, a funny photo for a birthday, a personal symbol, a test for a future real tattoo...