Skin couture lettering temporary tattoo pack

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Pocket containing 6 boards of tattoos decalcomanies Skin Couture totaling 52 tattoos. The Script Tattoo pouch is composed of sentences and playful and original designs for all moments of the day and life. All these small sayings and monochrome drawings encourage reflection and sharing.

1 pouch of temporary tattoos from the Skin couture series.

Temporary tattoos pouch

This pouch is composed of several sheets totaling 52 tattoos to cut out.

Temporary tattoos messages

Lettering is a really popular form of tattooing. It's another way to express yourself using phrases or quotes that have a special meaning to the wearer.

It can be a message of love, a motto, a reflection of life or even a rant. The message can be addressed to a person, to the whole world or to oneself. Some wear it as a protection, a talisman, a reassuring phrase that belongs only to you.

Funny sentences, philosophical thoughts or original drawings... they will enchant you all!

The texts are accompanied by pretty patterns such as the turtle, the sea anchor, hearts, a beautiful mustache to pose, a tree, birds ... You can associate the sentences with drawings...or not.

Natural tattoos

FD&C approved ingredients

Decal tattoos are applied to clean, non-oily skin with a damp sponge that is pressed onto the tattoo for about 20 seconds after removing the protective plastic wrap. To remove, use a Tattoo Gone wipe.

Made in the USA.

Skin couture pouches

This series of pouches is exclusive to Tattoo sticker. There are others: garden dreams, henna, festival...collect them all or give them as gifts!