Tatouage fleur de vie

Black flower of life temporary tattoo 5cm

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This flower of life tattoo can be worn for its aesthetics and refinement but also as a symbol. Indeed, the flower of life is a sacred geometric figure that represents ancient spiritual beliefs and depicts the fundamental aspects of space and time.

1 monochrome flower of life temporary tattoo 5 * 5 cm.

Apply and remove your temporary tattoo

Tattoo decal to apply with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

Ephemeral tattoo

The temporary tattoo is a good alternative for all those who wish to wear a tattoo periodically or change regularly the design and colors. It can also be used to "test" the idea of getting a tattoo and allows to try different designs (especially with customizable tattoos) and different places (ankle, shoulder ...).

Finally the decalco tattoo is a way to have fun: children love it, theme parties are brightened up and they personalize personal and professional events.

Flower of life tattoo

Size of the design: 5 x 5 cm on the skin.

What is the flower of life?

The Flower of Life is a geometric figure composed of a juxtaposition of several equal circles, connected center to center. This figure, used as a decorative motif since time immemorial, forms a flower-like pattern with a symmetrical hexagonal structure.

The starting point of the Flower of Life is a central circle which alone symbolizes the original point, the seed, the source of all life and is called the seed of life. The Flower of Life is considered a sacred figure, first of all because of its emblematic character. Through its beauty, its geometric and aesthetic perfection, it symbolizes the process of perpetual renewal of life.